Hello there! My names Chingster3 and I am from the one and only fantageshimmerglimmer! Here is the link to my fabulous blog:


I am also a worker on another fabulous blog. Here is the link:


So make sure to follow, comment and like a post on both of those blogs! Anyway here is a bit about me:
My name is Chingster3 well on fantage anyway. My real name is Sarah and my family and friends call me Bears. Before I stared blogging I had a you tube channel where I did reviews on toys. After doing that you tube channel I got bored so I came to the wonderful world of blogging! I started to blog because my dream is to become famous. Its never going to happen but that dream will always be there… I got inspired by other blogs as well and so I thought well why not make a blog since I don’t like my you tube account any more? As you might already know I made lots of blogs since I couldn’t decide which name to use but I finally stuck with this name! Anyway I mainly post about fantage but sometimes I post kawaii things about my life, anime and other random stuff!

2015-10-09_12-11-10 2015-10-11_1-33-42

Anyway that is a picture of me that I took on the 11th of October 2015 so anyway if you see me around on fantage make sure to say hello! Thanks for taking your time to read this post, bye!

~ Chingster3 ❤


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