Blogging Authorization?

I think since I’m not as active, maybe some of you want to help out my blog?  Of course, if you’re not too busy with other blogs and stuff.  But if you want to be added as an author or whatever, I still need to learn how to actually complete the action. xD  So help me out in the comments! xP

Also, if you want, I kinda wanna get to know more people by joining other communities, possibly as an editor?  If I’m not asking too much.  I’ll try to post as much as possible while managing my blog as well.  🙂  You can trust that I won’t post anything that is unnecessary.  Ok, if ya need anything else from me, lemme know in the comments!  I’m excited and tired, but I don’t know why! Ok, I’m probably tired from doing homework past 12:00am.

K, luv y’all!



17 thoughts on “Blogging Authorization?

    1. K, but I dunno how this stuff works and how to add ppl or whatever, so you’ll have to teach meh first. I’ll try tmr, cuz I gotta finish hw and studying. Oml, I have like 5 different tests tmr for 5 different classes.. one including P.E. o_O Worst nightmare. (I can do physical stuff, but I have no skill..) Anywayz, cya tmr! Thx! ❤

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