Busy Busy Busy

Omg, I have like absolutely no time to draw or do anything fun.  I only go on Fantage for like a minute to get the prize and log off as to not get distracted.  School is so stressful!!!  It’s past 12:30 am now and I’m still doing hw!  I’m really worried that the rest of the year is going to be even later nights.  The only reason I still have time to blog is because it only takes a few minutes every few hours to get updated on all the new, posts, but I’m seriously getting a lack of time.  I come home from school late, have to start my homework, eat dinner, and then get right back to hw.  Like wtf, I spend probably more time doing hw than I do at school, which you’ve probably heard me say before.

Point is!  I’m still up doing work and I should be asleep.  This is why I haven’t been on Fantage as much, haven’t been posting as much, and haven’t been drawing as much.  So I’m really sorry to those of you who I said I would draw something, but I honestly will when I get the time to!  Remind me in the comments what I’m supposed to draw for y’all to save me the trouble of looking at whatever post they were on, lol.  #lazy

So I’m just warning you all that I might not be able to post as much, draw as much, or go on Fantage as much, but I will try to take a little bit of my time to at least stay updated and comment on your posts.  🙂  Thanks for listening, and I hope you all are having happy, unstressful lives!  xP #teenagelife


P.S. I really hope I don’t come down witha bad case of insomnia.  Jk.  But seriously, I need sleep.  O_O Or else my eyes will be as wide as a night owl…  No?  Ok, sayonara, oyasuminasai!


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