Guys, I need something to do!!!

Oh wait, I need to draw lots for you all.

  1. All the stuff on my list.
  2. Art trade with queenminty
  3. Drawing requests (which I still haven’t done)
  4. Drawing tutorials for Mangos and Angie (Which I also haven’t done)
  5. Anything else I’m forgetting?  Remind me in the comments.
  6. More requests, but I prob won’t do them for a while seeing as my schedule is filled with stuff.
  7. Oh and redraw G-Dragon in anime style for Yuki.
  8. And I might do another Seth picture if I feel like it…

I draw what I want when I want, lol.

Ugh.  Life.  Busy.  School.  Work.  Worries.  -_-  I’m negative, aren’t I?  Jk jk.

さよならみんなさん!Sayonara minnasan! (Bye everyone!)

~ chbannabeth1

P.S.  Kelly and Amoore are back!  I’m not sure how active they’ll be, but they’re still back!  Yay!!!!!  Ok, bye for realz now.


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