Omg, Stop!!!

I have to stop eating chips!!  They’re so addicting and I keep saying “just one more” and I’ve eaten so many!!!  I’m gonna get fat (although I never seem to be able to gain weight even when I eat a LOT).  Geez, maybe it’s good for me?  Cuz I’m almost underweight?  No!  It’s not good.. chips are so unhealthy!!!  But so yummyyyyy!  Stopppppppp!

This is what happens when I run out of Japanese snacks. Although I would probably just get addicted to those and get fat anyways. (That’s probably why I ran out..)

#bingeeating #sounhealthy #notgood #imgonnagetfat

What are these hashtags even for, why did I put them here?

These chips are making me go crazy omg stop eating and calm down, girl!

Ok, さよなら!(Sayonara!) ← Bye!

~ chbannabeth1


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