Sisterhood Blogging Award

Thank you for nominating me, Anna Arso! ありがとう!(Arigato! ← I hope y’all know what that means.


Da Rulez

  1. Thank the person who nominated you and link to their blog.
  2. Answer their 10 questions for you.
  3. Nominate 10 amazing bloggers and give them 10 of your own questions.


Alright, here we go!  *Warning: Some of my answers might be weird or long, or whatever…

  1. Is Seth your lord and saviour?

Yes?  I dunno, but I’m gonna say yes.  After all, he gave me something to draw really late at night when I was having drawer’s block.  xP

2. Do you ship Jared and I together? Be honest, I’m waiting for that one person who doubts our relationship.

I’m not sure to be honest.  I haven’t been on the blog for long so I don’t know all the stuff, but if you guys are happy together, then I ship it.  ♥

3. What are your opinions on yanderes and yangires?

Hmmm… definitely weird.. but cool.  I mean not in real life though.. that would be scary asf.  Anyways, they’re cool in animes and just awesome.  xD

4. Can I ask you a question?

Yes.  Well, you have asked me four questions already.  😉

5. What’s the point of wearing popular fantage items and having a high level?

Maybe reputation?  People like to be “popular” by showing off their items and levels.  To be honest, I don’t think it matters; as long as you have a good personality and good friends.  (But it doesn’t hurt to have a few good items if they come across. ← Just don’t get overly obsessed and waste real money for pixels. ← No offense to those of you who buy membership and gold.  ._.)

6. If you have stalked us to the full extent, what is the biggest lie Jared and I said about our relationship? What do you notice that doesn’t make sense that we have said about ourselves? (There are actually two, and if you find them great job! I’m not going to tell you if you’re right or wrong though.)

Well, I haven’t stalked you guys, so I can’t really answer this.

7. Have you used Christian mingle? 😉

No, I don’t really even know what that is.. (If that’s shameful, then shame on me. I’m not Christian, but yeah… ok).

8. What would you do if suddenly God came down from the sky and said, “I am God.”?

Hmm… even though I’m not Christian, I know who God is, lol, obviously.  I would probably be in disbelief and maybe go tell someone or just faint.. I’ve never been in a situation where I was genuinely extremely excited to this extent.  :\

9. What would you do with a billion gold?

With that much money in real life, I would probably spend it all on anime, manga, drawing materials, and donating to organizations that need it for good causes (if I have any left after buying the three previous listed things.)  Oh, and FOOD.  Lol.

With that much money on Fantage, I would probably spend a lot of it on MyMall for items on my wishlist (which I’ll admit are the “popular” ones).  I would also save a quite a bit for new limited items from events because those are cool too, I guess.  One last thing I would spend it on would be gems for rares.  xP  And I plan on not going broke with that 1 billion gold.

10. I’ve always wondered, why is Cloud82 so popular?

I’m not sure, I haven’t really been updated on her blog, but it’s probably because of her blog and she’s a non with decent items and goes on Fantage quite often (I think?) and has been playing and blogging for quite a while.  Otherwise, I have no knowledge of her life or popularity.  To be honest, I didn’t know she was super popular, but I have heard her name and blog before.


Now some questions of my own! Some of them have multiple questions in one question, sorry, lol.  ^.^

  1. If you watch anime or read manga, what is your favorite one?   Or top three?
  2. Demon or Angel?
  3. Favorite Japanese food, if you have a favorite?
  4. Do you like peanut butter and Nutella sandwiches?
  5. Do you have a second language?  If so, what is it?  Are you fluent or learning it now?
  6. What is your top-most-wanted Fantage item?
  7. What’s the weirdest thing you could ever eat?
  8. Do you prefer the older or newer style of anime? (I know there’s more than one newer style, but yeah.. whatever.)
  9. What was the last blog you visited? (Not including this post, lol.)
  10. If you were to be a different blogger for the day (not including yourself), who would you be?


Ok, time to tag people!  Sorry if you’ve been tagged already, I don’t know a lot of people.  xP

  1. Angie-chan
  2. Pengytess
  3. Pink
  4. Pixy
  5. Luna
  6. Alexandra
  7. Firework290
  8. Queenminty
  9. Min
  10. Any other bloggers who happen to come across this post and feel like doing it.  😉

~ chbannabeth1


13 thoughts on “Sisterhood Blogging Award

      1. Thank you! I personally believe that the best relationships are the ones who fight the most, yet both parties are still happy about the relationship. Why? Because it shows that you can easily forgive and forget!


        1. I don’t even like dubbed anime anymore… unless I’m trying to multitask and I’ve seen the ep. before and it’s actually a good dub.. But yeah, I learned a lot, and it actually inspired me to commit to learning Japanese so now I go to school every Saturday from 9 to 12:30 xD But it is also a good language to learn, especially because my grandparents are fluent and I want to talk to them in Japanese and I want to visit Japan someday (I’m stuck in the U.S. -_- for now). I need to quit ranting..


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