My Drawing To-Do List

  1. Draw G-Dragon in anime style for Yuki-chan
  2. Draw more stuff I already have on a different list
  3. Draw requests (Ereri, Mikayuu, Ikuto and Nagihiko, Lelouch vi Britannia)
  4. Anything else I come up with to draw..

You can leave requests, but it might be a while until I do them.  As you can see, my schedule is filled.  Oh, and!!  I’m getting Copic markers for my birthday, I think, so I’ll be able to color my drawings differently.  ← My birthday is November 30.  So it’ll be a little while, but still wanted to put that out there.

~ chbannabeth1

Pixil Divider 1Pixil Divider 1Pixil Divider 1Pixil Divider 1

P.S. Thanks for 20 followers!  It might not seem like a lot, but I appreciate you all taking the time to read our blog’s posts and pages, as well as clicking that follow button!  どもありがとうございます!(Domoarigatougozaimasu!) ← ¥ Thank you very much! ¥


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