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I read this and thought, “Wow, this is totally the key to being happy!” I’ve had lots of problems in my life and this post is really inspiring and helpful! A total self esteem/motivation-booster. Arigatogozaimasu Blizz-san.

Fantagious Fantage

I really didn’t want to write about this at all and this post is not directed at anyone . All I have to say is think about what you post and comment . Think about how what you say will affect others and yourself.  You could say one thing and suddenly everyone is against you. Once it’s on the internet what you say/post will be on the internet  will be  gone forever , there’s no way of taking it back . Even though people will forgive you the things you may say  they probably will not  forget. Don’t let your emoticons control you if your mad/ sad  about something wait until you calm down before you write anything because you might say something you’ll regret later on. If your writing a comment think for a second “would I say this to my grandma.” All it takes is one word and someone could…

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