For ღℓ͜͡Angie~chaℓ͜͡n♥

I don’t have time to do a tutorial or anything right now, but if you wanna watch some videos that helped me along the way, here’s a YouTube channel I liked to watch:

Mark Crilley

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Or more specifically for full-body drawings:

How to Draw a Female Body, Manga Style: Proportions

How To Draw Manga Female Body Proportions [HTD Video #12]



8 thoughts on “For ღℓ͜͡Angie~chaℓ͜͡n♥

    1. Ok, I tried making guidelines for a full body and they’re really bad. I’m not an expert on full bodies so I don’t usually draw them. I’m not sure if I can make a tutorial on full bodies, but if you need help on something else (besides hands and feet), I can try to help. If you still want me to make the full body tutorial (which prob won’t be good), I’ll try; but your full body guidelines were great, almost perfect. ❤ If you have other questions, just ask me! Sorry for the inconvenience. 😉


        1. Practice is the biggest key to getting better. I would also recommend watching other tutorials (or lots of anime) to get you used to the “anime/manga style”. Sure, if you want to post pics, go ahead! I’ll help you with whatever you need. Also, I’m not sure if I can get the tutorial video up by the weekend, but I guess I will do one, even if it looks bad. :\


  1. Haha, yeah, there’s a lot of different varieties in anime/manga style. I can try to do a simple one, but it mostly comes down to what you feel comfortable doing and waiting until the end product to judge it. Sometimes what I think is my final draft is only a rough draft and I end up erasing and redrawing everything over again. It can get annoying, but the practice and mistakes are worth it once you figure out how and what you like to draw best. 😉


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